Ranch Network, Camera System, VoIP Phone System, and Video Access Control

Project Details:

VPN Tunneling – Internet at this location can not get a static IP address. (Satellite internet behind Carrier Grade NAT). To get around this issue we have a outbound router based VPN to our data center. Traffic exits the tunnel where it is properly routed for external access.

Network – This project consisted of a full wireless back-haul network along with a network build-out. Each link has a stable 200+ Mbps throughput. There are 5 Links total. Back-haul links carry access control, video,  internet and VoIP.

Access Control – There are 4 gates each one with an Access control Video entry system.  Entry can be made by PIN or Card / Fob. System is fully remote manageable. Entry system can be controlled from any phone on the network or via smartphone app.

VoIP Phone system – Video VoIP phone system with integrated access control. Multiple buildings – Network backbone is used to bridge all buildings together.

Camera System – There are 15 cameras throughout the site including entry stations. the external gates have 4 cameras while the internal gates have 2 cameras. 

Install Phase

Security / Access / Automation

WiFi Distribution / Network Backbone / VoIP

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