Canitan phone systems include Enterprise grade voicemail features

Voicemail Usage:

Setup your Voicemail

1. Press the Voicemail button  or hit *97

2. Enter your password (Default is included with extension welcome email)

3. When you first log into your voicemail you will be prompted to complete the basic setup. this setup includes:

  • Your name
  • your unavailable message
  • you’re busy message
  • and your new password

If you are not prompted to setup or your voicemail has already been setup – Press 0 at the main menu then use the following options.

  • Press 1 to record your unavailable message (if you don’t answer)
  • Press 2 to record your busy message (if you are on the phone or DND is turned on. Most people just record the same message as unavailable.)
  • Press 3 to record your name
  • Press 5 to change your password

Check Your Voicemail

Depending on how your phone is set up there are three options for voicemail

Option 1 – the traditional method and all voicemails are stored on our cloud PBX and are retrieved by hitting the voicemail button on your phone or *97


Option 2 – Voicemail-to-Email – voice mails are sent via email as an attachment and then deleted from the PBX once successfully sent to email

Option 3 – Voicemail is sent to email and also stored on your PBX. (Option three requires that you delete voicemails even though you may have already heard them as an email attachment.)

User Control Panel

Your phone system comes equipped with an easy to use user control panel. This control panel is jam packed with features for our users. With the user control panel you can control:


 Call Forward.
 Call History.
 Call Waiting.
 Call Recording.
 Do Not Disturb.
 Follow Me.
 Visual Voicemail.
 Voicemail Greetings Management.


If you would like access to your extension control panel please contact us for login information.


Canitan Phone Systems keep you connected no matter where you are. At work, At Home, Anywhere in the world.
Canyon Franzetti

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