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The possibilities are endless. 

Internet Distribution



We start any wireless project by building the IP backbone on which everything else is built on. This backbone can support internet, security, access control, or any other ip network device.

Video Distribution


Video is everywhere! Video Phones, Digital signage, or  streaming videos. We design our wireless IP backbone to handle it all!

Remote Device Monitoring


Our IP network is completely capable of managing any IP based management or monitoring device. Such as well monitoring, feeder, or tank level monitoring.

Access Control


Our video entry systems can allow for remote keypad access, recording via a camera NVR and remote opening via VoIP Phone or Cell Phone.

Remote Management


Remote services can be used in most cases to manage, troubleshoot and reslove issues without an onsite appointment. 



Wireless point-to-point APs with tethered IP cameras can solve significant security challenges at expansive indoor and outdoor venues …

  VoIP Phone & Video Phone Service


VoIP Phones can be used anywhere throughout our IP network. Phones can be used for multi-building intercom, video intercom, video gate control, or standard phone calls

Remote Gate Management


Our Gate Systems can directly intigrate with our IP network allowing for onsite or offsite remote management (code control) and opening of gates.

Remote Solar Installations


Canitan allows operations to coordinate energy policies with operational requirements to ensure that machine are available for needed maintenance but turned off the remainder of the time.

Point-to-point wireless  (also called PtP) is the simplest network architecture you can set up in order to connect two locations using a wireless radio link.

Point-to-point wireless links can go from a short-range link connecting two locations just a few hundred feet apart to a long range point-to-point wireless link that connects two locations tens of miles away from each other. In a point to-point-wireless link, distance is affected by the height of each Ethernet radio device, the frequency used, the power level, and environmental interference.

Point-to-Multipoint (also called star topology or simply PtMP) is a common network architecture for outdoor wireless networks to connect multiple locations to one single central location. In a point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet network, all remote locations do not communicate directly with each other but have a single connection towards the center of the star network where one or more base station is typically located.

Outdoor point-to-multipoint wireless solutions are very common for outdoor video-surveillance systems.

In outdoor wireless video-surveillance systems, each camera in the field is connected to a wireless client device and then a base station is mounted on top of a tall building  or tower and acts as the central device and coordinator of the point-to-multipoint wireless network. 

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