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Make the Canitan Difference

Another Canitan difference is that we design and custom configure every aspect of your system. Unlike our competition that just plugs it in and leaves, Canitan makes sure that your system will give you the best possible image in any scenario.

From a basic system at your house or business to an advanced multi-building or multi-location Canitan can take care of all your video surveillance needs. Our systems are end to end Digital unlike some companies installing outdated analog cameras. 


Got Cameras?

Canitan has cameras for every scenario...

Our cameras are 4K UHD and higher, up to 40x higher resolution some of our competitors. 

  • Ultra Low Light

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom

  • 180 Degree / 360 Degree

  • Video Entry Systems

  • Remote Cameras

Ultra Low Light

Why Only See in Black and White? Introducing Ultra Low Light.

Designed to work in full color in low light scenarios, such parking garages, indoor areas, restaurants, outdoor areas with minimal lighting or anywhere that is dimly lit.

The difference is clear as day 

Ultra Low LightOur Ultra Low Light Cameras are the difference between being able to see verses being left in the darkWide Dynamic RangeOur Ultra Low Light Cameras allow you to see in the dark but there is no compromise as you can see clearly you can see in the day also.Night Color Blindness?Our Ultra Low light cameras see in full color when our competitors go color blind. 

PTZ - Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Cameras Designed to move left, right, up, down and zoom in and out. These cameras can be set to automatically patrol (move in a preset pattern). Detect movement such as a car entering a parking area then zoom in on that object to get the best possible image. 

180⁰ and 360⁰ Cameras


Specialty cameras use multiple imagers in a single device to create a 180⁰ and 360⁰ field of view.
Other options use a fisheye lens to create a full 180 view. Special dewarping software reconstructs the image for viewing and storage.

Flex Cameras - Adjustable 180⁰ and 360⁰ Cameras

These cameras look amazing day or night. They can be adjusted to cover multiple views the example to the right has a 180 degree coverage with a downfire view.

Video Access Control

HD Video Door System that tracks, manages and records access to any physical building while also serving as an IP surveillance camera and IP intercom. It offers powerful integration with other solutions in order to offer a complete solution for access-control, video intercom and security monitoring. Including integration into our existing phone system.

Door phone and access control — Cloudy day with lens compensation enabled

Door phone and access control — at night with lens compensation enabled

Door phone and access control — at night with normal room lighting


Remote Cameras / Gate Cameras

Remote Cameras

With advanced networking and solar know how Canitan is able to not only connect remote cameras but also able to connect any other network device. Including internet access and VoIP communications. Remote locations such as gates, barns, workshops, hangers, and other buildings and locations.

NVR (Network Video Recorder) Selection

NDAA Comliant Stand Alone NVRs

DW Spectrum


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