Home Theater / Audio Visual

Dedicated Home Theater

We approach the home theater environment as more than just a big picture, lots of speakers, and movie posters on the walls. We approach it as a specialized venue designed and equipped to allow the most subtle sensory cues to come through vividly, clear of background noise, acoustic compromises, or imperfect equipment calibration. Canitan prides itself in attention to every detail, no matter how inconspicuous it may seem.

Corporate Conference Rooms

W Canitan designs and installs world class Conference room presentation, communication and media delivery technologies. We don’t design your boardroom. We work with your architect, interior designer, and facilities manager to make your boardroom technology reliable and easy to use.Conference room. We enhance the functionality of the room by integrating things like display technology, lighting control, acoustic treatments, media delivery, audio / video, and HVAC control into one interface that anyone can use. If you have requirements for a truly “best in class,” “high tech” boardroom in your office, or in your home, Canitan can deliver.

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  • Audio

A Canitan audio system is a system specifically designed for the accurate playback of music and recordings. Based on your individual requirements and budget, Canitan executes a precise blend of equipment, acoustic treatments, electronics, cables, and speakers that work together to produce a result which is “calibrated” to the sound of live music.

  • Video

Canitan works with you to decide what kinds of video you would like to have in either one dedicated room, or throughout your house and grounds. The integration of television, movie viewing, media storage systems, video distribution, dedicated home cinema sources and whole house video monitoring can allow you to do things like monitor children’s play areas, home perimeter or entrances, from your home theater screen or television at the touch of a button without seriously disrupting your viewing.

  • Data & Communications

Canitan can implement a turnkey solution for the whole house including; telephones, intercom / local voice communications, local area networks, internet access, and whole house infrastructure wiring.

  • Media Delivery

The Canitan team assists with selection and installation of various media delivery options. We take things like Cable Television, Digital Satellite Systems, Internet access, HDTV and other source signals that are delivered into your home and create an easy to use interface that allows you to seamlessly transition between content selections..

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