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Adjust your view in a Teams meeting

Teams tries to anticipate what you’ll want to see in a meeting. When someone starts speaking, we show them. When someone shares content, we show that.

But when you’d rather see something else, there are a few ways to tell Teams.

Switch between people and content

When someone’s sharing a presentation, you can switch between viewing that content and watching the people in the room by simply clicking on the video you’re interested in. Try this when there’s a presentation taking place in a meeting room and you want to see who’s talking and note their body language. 

Pin a video

To focus on a particular video, right click and select Pin. The video will be pinned to your view regardless of who’s talking. You can pin as many videos as will fit on your screen. If you change your mind, right click again and hit Unpin.

Reframe a video

Teams crops some videos to make them fit your screen better. If you want a different view of a particular video—for example, if someone’s cropped out of the video or it only shows part of their face—right click and select Fit to frame to see the entire video.

Select Fill frame to see a closer, cropped view.

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