Welcome to Canitan

Welcome to Canitan

Canitan LLC | Your Managed Service Providers

Welcome to Refinement in Service    

Let’s Face it, nobody cares about your residence more than you do and nobody understands it quite like you do. You put in the time, the effort and you’re on a fixed budget. When things go well, everything is right in the world, but when your technology or security doesn’t work, it makes your life a nightmare, and as a manager, you worry how it’s going to affect your bottom line. Canitan understands your pain and is now offering fixed monthly pricing, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Canitan has serviced the condo industry for many years and we’ve come to understand just how to take care of our clients in ways that are most beneficial for them. We often install equipment that can be managed remotely so we can service your equipment on the back-end while you continue to work and take care of your occupants. When our presence is required on-site, we pride ourselves on sending high level techs to service and maintain your equipment so everything runs smoothly and you have confidence it will be fixed in a timely manner. When you contact us, you will be treated like a friend because we all are family oriented and care about our clients. Like all companies, we aren’t perfect, and we do make mistakes on occasion, but we own them and take care of our customers in ways we want to be treated if we were on your side of the desk. Welcome to Canitan!

                                                                                                                                                                      Canyon and Nathan | Canitan LLC

“Canitan is the best company to use for IT, Technology or Security. We use Canitan for all of our needs. They take care of our computers, as well as our servers, phones, access control, network, building alarm system and cameras. They are always there when we need them.”

– Kaye B., Building Manager

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