Why 4k (8MP) Cameras​

Creating a usable video surveillance solution is a need we come across on a daily basis. Although there are many components to a video solution, resolution – or image size – is one key component. The most recent advancement to become financially feasible for small-to-medium sized businesses is the introduction of 4k into the video surveillance market. Yes, There are already 8K solutions.  However, it will be a number of years before those technologies are financially feasible for small to medium businesses. The most common question we hear right now is, “Do I need 4k video surveillance?” The answer is simple and vague: “It depends.”  This is why we custom design every system for YOUR  application.

Resolution - 8 Megapixel

Over 20x the image size of analog cameras and 4x the image size of 1080p cameras.

Ultra Low Light

By default we use cameras designed to look great day or night. We custom configures your system to give you the best image no matter what the situation.

IP Based Cameras

We use an all Digital IP (network) solution that will be upgradable to the foreseeable future. It also allows for us to add cameras where previously not possible.

Parking Lots

4K is ideal for parking lots. One camera can give observational coverage over a large area.

Large Areas

4K Cameras are excellent for Courtyards, pools, conference rooms, restaurants, open warehouse environments, delivery areas, gymnasiums, cafeterias, playgrounds, open office plans, and so on.

High Risk / Security areas

Banks, Cash Registers / Point of Sale, Finance areas, business offices, or anywhere that needs a high detail, high clarity, zoomable image.

4K VS 1080p VS Analog

From a price perspective by far the least expensive camera is an analog camera and a 1080p camera is almost always less that a 4K camera.


When it comes to quality there is no comparison. (see chart below for reference) By the numbers it would take 104 CIF Analog Cameras and 21 standard D1 analog cameras stacked on top of each other to equal 1 4K camera and It would take 4 1080P cameras to equal 1 4K camera.

4K Benefits and Features

Why Canitan?

Advanced Network Design

Canitan started as a Networking / IT Company. With advanced knowledge Canitan is much more capable than most of our competitors. We start all projects by building out the base network.

System Intigrations

Yes, there will be more advancements with video resolution. However, it will be a number of years before those technologies are financially feasible for small to medium businesses.

All of your technology and security needs

Networking, IT, Managed Services, VoIP phone systems, Access Control, Lights, Locks, Thermostats, Security Lights, Smart LED Lighting Panels

the future is looking Clearer than ever!

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