Church Tech & Security Project

This Project consisted of an IT Infrastructure, Network, WiFi Distribution,  Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarm, and Advanced VoIP Phone System

4K UHD Parking Lot Cameras with Dedicated License Plate Cameras

4k - 8MP Cameras

Over 20x the image size of analog cameras and 4x the image size of 1080p cameras.

Ultra Low Light

By default we use cameras designed to look great day or night. We custom configure your system to give you the best image no matter what the situation.

IP Based Cameras

We use an all Digital IP (network) solution that will be upgradable to the foreseeable future. It also allows for us to add cameras where previously not possible.


Network Infrastructure

We custom design the network to best fit every client's needs. Being that this is a church we integrated content filtering with security.

Enterprise Grade Wireless AC Gen 2

Our custom designed WiFi networks ensure staff and end-users have the fastest possible speeds and a secure network. The guest network is completely firewalled from the private network.

Cloud Managed Enterprise Network

Enterprise Grade Cloud Managed Network - Our management platforms give you the best speed and reliability. We are able to remotely resolve most issues without having to send a tech onsite.

Automation / Content Filtering


Thermostat automation not only keeps the buildings comfortable but also saves money on heating and cooling costs. The thermostats are integrated into the alarm system, allowing it to use all the sensors to help automate the HVAC.


Automated and remotely manageable lights, allows for scheduling of turning on and off lights.

Content Filtering

Enterprise Grade Cloud Managed Site Content Filtering. The church wanted to make sure that their network was filtered to protect against adult sites and malware sites.

Enterprise Grade Cloud Phone System

Enterpise Grade Phones

We custom design the phone system to best fit every clients needs

VoIP Phone Service

Our VoIP Phone systems include unrivaled features and flexibility. The entire system is remotely managed. This means that we don't have to send a tech onsite to add phones, make changes, or resolve issues.

Advanced Features

Unlimited Calling | Call Conferencing | Automated Attendant | Keep Your Number | Web Portal Interface | Voice mail to email | Virtual Business Fax | Access Control Integration

Video Access Control

Access Control

We custom design your access control solution to your specific needs. This solution includes both PIN access and keyfob access. It also includes a video intercom and remote unlock.

Phone Intigration

This solution included ingratiation into our VoIP phone system. This allows a person at the door to press the call button which rings the selected phones, the person answering can then remotely open the door.

Video Surveillance

The video access control system is integrated into the Surveillance system giving clear images of people entering the premises.

Project Photo Gallery

Why Canitan?

Advanced Network Design

Canitan started as a Networking / IT Company. With advanced knowledge Canitan is much more capable than most of our competitors. We start all projects by building out the base network.

System Intigrations

Yes, there will be more advancements with video resolution. However, it will be a number of years before those technologies are financially feasible for small to medium businesses.

All of your technology and security needs

Networking, IT, Managed Services, VoIP phone systems, Access Control, Lights, Locks, Thermostats, Security Lights, Smart LED Lighting Panels

the future is looking more integrated than ever!

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