Enable Push Notifications for Hikvision based NVR

1.Download Guarding Vision onto your phone or device.
2.Register an account.

3.In the guarding vision tab in the top right corner hit the + and manual adding

4.Adding Type: Guarding Vision Domain
   Serial No: Your Serial Number
   Hit the save icon in the upper right once finished

5.To enable push notifications on the Guarding Vision tab swipe left on the device hit the gear icon this will take you into the nvr setting and from here enabling alarm

6.To select which cameras are notification enabled go into the nvr settings as above and go into linked cameras.
Hitting the eye icons toggles setting
closed= notification disabled
open=notifications enabled

7.Under the more tab located at the bottom of the screen click into settings to make sure Message Push Notificatins are ON

Your devices should now be sending you notifications.

Ranch Network, Camera System, VoIP Phone System, and Video Access Control

Ranch Network, Camera System, VoIP Phone System, and Video Access Control

Gate Cameras

Over 20x the image size of analog cameras and 4x the image size of 1080p cameras.

Ultra Low Light

By default we use cameras designed to look great day or night. We custom configures your system to give you the best image no matter what the situation.

IP Based Cameras

We use an all Digital IP (network) solution that will be upgradable to the foreseeable future. It also allows for us to add cameras where previously not possible.

Video / Audio Entry

Video Entry Systems - Our entry system not only allows pin or card entry but also does video and audio with remote entry at the press of a button.

Advanced Video VoIP Phone System

Building to Building Video Phone System with Remote Video Entry Capabilities.

Wireless Distribution Network

Wireless network backbone distributes the IP backbone across the entire ranch.

About the project

Project Details:

VPN Tunneling – Internet at this location can not get a static IP address. (Satellite internet behind Carrier Grade NAT). To get around this issue we have a outbound router based VPN to our data center. Traffic exits the tunnel where it is properly routed for external access.

Network – This project consisted of a full wireless back-haul network along with a network build-out. Each link has a stable 200+ Mbps throughput. There are 5 Links total. Back-haul links carry access control, video,  internet and VoIP.

Access Control – There are 4 gates each one with an Access control Video entry system.  Entry can be made by PIN or Card / Fob. System is fully remote manageable. Entry system can be controlled from any phone on the network or via smartphone app.

VoIP Phone system – Video VoIP phone system with integrated access control. Multiple buildings – Network backbone is used to bridge all buildings together.

Camera System – There are 15 cameras throughout the site including entry stations. the external gates have 4 cameras while the internal gates have 2 cameras. 

Install Phase

Security / Access / Automation

WiFi Distribution / Network Backbone / VoIP

Why Canitan?

Advanced Network Design

Canitan started as a Networking / IT Company. With advanced knowledge Canitan is much more capable than most of our competitors. We start all projects by building out the base network.

System Intigrations

Yes, there will be more advancements with video resolution. However, it will be a number of years before those technologies are financially feasible for small to medium businesses.

All of your technology and security needs

Networking, IT, Managed Services, VoIP phone systems, Access Control, Lights, Locks, Thermostats, Security Lights, Smart LED Lighting Panels
Canitan Headquarters

Keeping with Austin tradition of keeping Austin weird. Our offices are in the historic Decker United Methodist Church parsonage located behind the church.

8302 Decker Ln, Austin, Texas 78724

Please call 1-512-272-6106 or email info@canitan.com for more information or to get started on your project today!

the future is looking Clearer than ever!

How do I submit a support request?

How do I submit a support request?


All Support Requests should be submitted through the Office at 512-272-6106. This ensures that you will receive the fastest possible support.

Submitting requests to individual technicians may delay your support request. Technicians may be on-site or out of the office.


All Support Requests via email should be directed to support@canitan.com.

Support Requests should include the following:
  • Name:
  • Company:
  • Who should we contact:
  • Contact Phone Number:
  • Problem Description:
  • Priority Level (1-Emergency – 5 – Low): 
  • When should this be done by?:
Submitting requests to individual technicians may delay your support request. Technicians may be on-site or out of the office. If a request is direct to a support specialist please CC support@canitan.com.