Video Access Control System

Video Access Control System

HD Video Door System that tracks, manages and records access to any physical building while also serving as an IP surveillance camera and IP intercom with remote access control. It offers powerful integration with other solutions in order to offer a complete solution for access-control, video intercom and security monitoring.

Resolution - 1080P

Built-in hemispheric camera which allows for 180°, wall-to-wall video coverage.

Ultra Low Light

By default we use cameras designed to look great day or night. We custom configures your system to give you the best image no matter what the situation.

Access Control

System can act standalone door controller or integrate into your existing access control system.

Backlit Keypad

Backlit LED Keypad and backlit Doorbell. Day & Night White LEDs with smart brightness control

Remote Unlock

Our system allows you to see live video feeds and have a conversation with a visitor and let them in by tapping a button on the phones screen.


Ingress Protection Weather proof, vandal resistant, with support for extra back reinforcing metal plate

Video Access Control Benefits

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Why Canitan?

Advanced Network Design

Canitan started as a Networking / IT Company. With advanced knowledge Canitan is much more capable than most of our competitors. We start all projects by building out the base network.

System Intigrations

Yes, there will be more advancements with video resolution. However, it will be a number of years before those technologies are financially feasible for small to medium businesses.

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